January 8, 2014 What is math

What is Math?

Math in its simplest terms is the study of numbers and how different operations on those numbers can alter them.  In slightly more complex terms, math is how we can apply numerical values to how the world works.  We can use different mathematical formulas in order to see why the natural world works, and predict how man made structures will hold up.  Attempting to predict how the natural world and man made projects work without mathematics would prove to be problematic and would rarely be correct.  There are very few things in the physical world that can not be explained using mathematics.  Math has many practical uses and can do things like give us an idea about how strong structures will be before they are anything more than a sketch on a page.

What are some of the most important discoveries in mathematics?

  • The creation of the basic counting numbers was one of the most important early steps to making mathematics a cohesive subject, math would not make any sense if there was nothing to represent the numbers.
  •  One that came later on from the middle east is the mathematical concept of zero.
  • The mathematical concept of pi, this concept is important because of just how often this value pops up.
  • The discovery of the Fibonacci Sequence was important just because of how many times it shows up in the natural world.  It appears in odd places like in seashell patterns.
  • The creation of Calculus was an important milestone, it allowed to calculate the forces used in Physics.

Math is something that is used everyday, by everyone it allows the world to make some form of sense.  It puts logic into events that seem completely illogical.  Math can help people to create anything that requires a basic understanding of engineering.  The patterns that appear in math can also allow mathematicians to predict how different situations will occur.


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